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About Us

Starwrap Inc is an innovative, customer-oriented, and global manufacturer of high-quality synthetic roofing underlayment materials. Our high-quality woven products have been manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities and have been applied to various industrial segments. For years, Starwrap has served contractors, builders, and distributors by manufacturing high-quality synthetic roofing underlayment materials, unmatched support, and a long-term commitment to the industry.
Starwrap is proud to provide the most innovative variety of premium synthetic roofing underlayment with a very competitive price. We are committed to forming partnerships with our customers and suppliers in order to continuously develop new products and improve the existing product lines. Starwrap’s global supply chain efficiency is achieved by our strategic manufacturing and distribution centers located throughout North America, Asia, and Europe.
Our primary strength: 1. We are dedicated to providing exceptional high-quality products by Utilizing the latest printing technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. 2. It is our goal to develop and maintain the interactive relationship with our customers by providing you with undeniable quality, competitive price, and unprecedented service.  3. Starwrap has long been trusted to produce synthetic roofing underlayment materials baring that company’s name and logo. We are capable of manufacturing and distribution for high-quality private labeling if desired and confidentiality agreements are available for companies seeking to maintain their privacy when outsourcing their products.
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